About TMI

Technical Manufacturing, Inc.   specializes in manufacturing, machining and assembly of structural and mechanical projects.

  You may be manufacturing projects for your own use, but have a special application that does not fit into your production schedule, or you may need to concentrate your resources on your expertise, rather than building equipment.  Technical Manufacturing, Inc.'s fabrication and testing facility is available for building proprietary designs on a contract manufacturing basis.

  Technical Manufacturing, Inc. assigns project management personnel to work directly with the customer to assure conformity to your specifications during the development of the manufacturing process.

  In a comprehensive analysis of your real cost of do-it-yourself, you are quite likely to find substantial savings in both money and time with Technical Manufacturing, Inc.'s manufacturing capabilities.

  If you are serious about cost-effective manufacturing, Technical Manufacturing, Inc. would be pleased to discuss your upcoming requirements and provide you with prompt quotations.  Give us a call should you have questions or need additional information.



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